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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Octopus Climbing Cup Toy Craft

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Here's a simple and fun craft idea that'll not only spark kids imaginations, but also keep them entertained for hours.


Paper cup
Red paper
String of shoelace


1) Cut and glue red paper around a paper cup.
2) Cut two small holes in the bottom of the cup.
3) Draw a puckered octopus face on the side of the cup.
4) Cut slits around the rim of the cup and curl up the sides to make the octopuse's arms.
5) Lace a string or shoelace through the holes in the cup.
6) Hang up the string and pull up and down to make the octopus climb.


Get creative! Make monkeys, rabits, birds or other animals.
Make several climbers, hang them up side by side and have a face with your friends.

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