Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best 15 Earth Day Crafts of All Time

There were so many great Earth Day craft and activity ideas, but I was able to narrow it down. Here's a round-up list of the very best 15 Earth Day crafts for kids. These aren't all the ideas, so please refer to the other round-up lists for other great ideas. Please try something new and fun with your kids this Earth Day.

1. Earth Day Coffee Filter with Hands Craft
2. Earth Day Truffula Trees Craft
Art Projects for Kids

3. Earth Day Tissue Paper Tree Craft
4. Earth Day Mister Recycled Head Craft
Delia Creates

5. Recycled Paper Craft

6. Earth Day Dinosaur Sand Eggs Craft
Projects for Preschool

7. Earth Day Shaving Cream Earth Craft
Teaching with TLC

8. Earth Day Stained Glass Sun Catcher Craft
Mom on Time Out

9. Earth Day Crayons Craft
10. Earth Day Milk Carton Bird Feeder Craft
11. Earth Day Heart Cupcakes Recipe
12. Easy Earth Day Cookies Recipe
B Inspired Mama

13. Earth Day Mud Monster Craft

14. Recycled Box Robot Craft
She Knows

15. Earth Day Play Dough Craft
Check out the other Earth Day round-ups and search this site for even more great Earth Day and recycled craft ideas.

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