Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easter candy Carrot Craft

Here's a great paper carrot party favor to fill with candy. Basically, make a cone shaped carrot with grass at the top. Give them out at your next Easter party.

  • sheet of orange construction paper
  • green construction paper
  • scissors
  • paper towel roll
  • tape

  1.  Cut about an inch off the top of a paper towel roll.
  2. Cut a sheet of 8.5x11 sheet of orange costruction paper.
  3. Wrap the orange paper around the paper towel roll. Roll the bottom into a cone shape. The paper towel roll keeps the shape inside. Tape in place. Fold the paper over the top to make a lid.
  4. Cut the green paper into strips and make little loops and glue in place.
  5. Glue the strips to the top of the carrot. Allow to dry.
  6. Fill the carrot with candy and fold the top down again.

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