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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Preschool Fingerpaint Turkey Craft

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Fingerpaint Turkey Craft

Here's a simple paper fingerpainting turkey that's great for preschool. Glue the pieces together and fingerpaint the tail feathers.Visit the site below for the full tutorial.

Huppie Mamma

Thanksgiving Gumdrop Turkeys Snack

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Thanksgiving Crafts - Gumdrop Turkeys -

Here's fun and tasty idea for Thanksgiving. Use toothpicks and gum drops to make cute little turkeys for your Thanksgiving guests. The kids will have as much fun making them as eating them. Visit the cool site below for the full how to.

Events to Celebrate

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thanksgiving "T is for Turkey" Craft

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Thanksgiving Unit

Use Thanksgiving as an opportunity for letter and phonological awareness with this simple Preschool Craft. Just add a head and tail feathers to a large paper "T". Kids will love waving their turkey like a puppet. Visit the great site below for this and dozens more Thanksgiving and fall related craft ideas.

Mrs. Nelson's Class

Easy Thanksgiving Motor Skills Turkey for Preschool

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This fun Thanksgiving turkey is not only a a cute craft, but a useful fine motor skills activity for preschoolers. Use a paper bowl as the base. After gluing on a heart face, kids have to push pipe cleaners or feathers through holes on the side for tail feathers. They can do this again and again to change the turkey. They can also use it as a mask. Visit the great site below for the full tutorial with pictures.

Sugar Aunts

Thanksgiving Tissue Paper Turkey Craft

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Here's a cute turkey for Thanksgiving. Cut a turkey shape from thick paper or cardboard. Paint in brown and add a face. Decorate the tail with crumpled tissue paper. Looks great! Follow the link below for more.

Hands on as We Grow

Simple Thanksgiving Toilet Roll Turkey Craft

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This is a classic. Use toilet roll an half a paper plate to make this fantail turkey for Thanksgiving. Simple and fun to make, your kids will love it. Visit the great site below for more.

Mess for Less

Thanksgiving Turkey Toilet Roll Motor Skill Craft

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Turkey Craft and Fine Motor Activity for Kids

This cute Thanksgiving turkey made from recycled toilet rolls isn't just a fun craft, but a finemotor skills activity as kids try to thread feathers into the punched holes in back of the turkey. Follow the link below for the full tutorial.

Fantastic Fun and Learning

Thanksgiving Cup Turkey Craft

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Get ready for Thanksgiving with these imaginative Pilgrim Turkeys!  A great craft for all ages. |

Use paper or Styrofoam cups and plastic Christmas ornaments to make cute Thanksgiving turkeys like these. Visit the site below for the full tutorial.

Mom on Time Out

Easy Thanksgiving Party Turkey Drink Cups

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Here's a super simple and last minute idea for Thanksgiving. Use some colored paper to turn regular plastic cups into little turkeys for your Thanksgiving Day party. Visit the site below for more details.

More Minutes
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