Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Rainbow with Seeds Craft

Here's a fun way to make a 3D rainbow craft, glue raw rice or other seeds to your painting.


  • white paper
  • rainbow template
  • paints of rainbow colors
  • glue
  • raw rice
  • other green seeds or beans
  • yellow construction paper
  • scissors


  1. Copy the rainbow template onto white paper.
  2. Cut a yellow circle for a sun and glue above the rainbow.
  3. Paint your rainbow. Add rays to the sun.
  4. Sprinkle raw rice on the wet paint of the rainbow, this represents rain.
  5. glue green seeds under your rainbow for grass.
This craft gives me the idea of making a rainbow collage completely of seeds. You'd have to do some research and shopping to find seeds that represent all the colors of the rainbow, but the result would be fantastic.

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