Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easy Paper Kite Craft 3

Here's another paper kite craft you can make from 1 letter size, A4 sheet of paper. This Adam's kite design looks similar to Dave's kite, but the folds go up.

  • 1 sheet letter size, A4 paper
  • newspaper
  • kite string
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tape


  1. Find the center line of the paper lengthwise, but don't fold. Mark a dot on the center line about 1 inch from the edge on either ends of the paper (short sides).
  2. Mark a line 1.8 inches(4.5 cm) in from the edge of one long side. Fold the paper up on the line.
  3. Repeat the same on the other long side and fold up. Now you have a paper with the long sides folded up.
  4. Cut a strip of newspaper or crepe streamer 2 inches (5cm) wide and 60 inches(1.5 m) long to make the tail. You can tape 2 shorter strips together.
  5. Tape the tail to one end of your kite.
  6. Make a small hole on the dot o the other end and tie your kite string. You might secure with tape.
  7. Fly our kite.
Full tutorial with photos :Hi Fly Kites

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