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Friday, March 28, 2014

18 Mother's Day Jewelry Crafts for Kids

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Mom's love crafts from kids and mom's love getting jewelry. Make the best of both worlds and give mom some artwork she can wear. Here's a round-up list of 18 beautiful jewelry crafts for Mother's Day. You'll find hand prints, thumbprints, hearts, flowers, photo jewelry,  and more. Make her something that says I love you she can wear close to her heart. 

1. Mother's Day Hand Print Charm Craft
2. Mother's Day Fingerprint Pendent Craft
Crafty Crow

3. Mother's Day Photo Heart Locket Craft
Cardboard Locket necklace
Cardboard Collective

4. Mother's Day Photo Button Bracelet
Button Bracelet

5. Recycled Mother's Day Milk Plug Ring Craft

No Time for Flashcards

6. Mother's Day Thumb Print Heart Pendant Craft
28 Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Crafts - Teach Junkie
The Shroeder Page

. Mother's Day Flower Necklace/Bracelet Craft

Toddler Approved

8. Mother's Day Clay Charm Craft

Craft Clatch

9. Mother's Day Shrinky Dink Footprint Pendant Craft
DIY Baby's Own Footprint Necklace
Haze Fly

10. Mother's Day Fingerprint Heart Necklace Craft
Mother's Day 2013

11. Easy Mother's Day Aluminum Foil Necklace Craft
Mother's Day: craft for kids
Madre Creativa

12. Mother's Day Stick Necklace Craft


13. Mother's Day Paper Clay Heart Pendant Craft
Train Gifts: DIY Engineer Stripe Heart Pendants from Play Trains!
Play Trains

14. Easy Mother's Day DIY Bracelet Craft

Lessons Learnt Journal

15. Mother's Day Button Bracelet Craft


16. Mother's Day Shrinky Dink Pendant Craft

Dollar Store Crafts

17. Mother's Day Button Flower Pendant Craft

Silly Eagle Books

18. Mother's Day Popsicle Stick Jewelry Box Craft
Craft Stick Jewelry Box

Search this site for even more great Mother's Day craft ideas.

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