Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy Sand Footprint Craft For Kids

This is a fun and simple footprint craft to do with your kindergarten or elementary class. Great after a school trip to the beach. You can collect sand and shells and do this craft as a follow-up. It’s also good for any sea related theme lessons.


  • Yellow construction paper
  • Black markers
  • Elmer’s or other craft glue
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Sand
  • Box or tray
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Small shells (optional)

1. Give each child a piece of yellow construction paper. Put the paper on the floor and have each student stand on it, barefoot. Depending on the age, teachers can trace their feet with black markers or put students in pairs and they can trace each other.
2. Tear off a piece of blue tissue paper and glue on as the ocean.
3. Spread glue inside the footprints. Place sand in a large tray and students put their paper in the box and cover with sand. Lift out the paper and pour off the excess. As an option, mix glitter in the sand for a sparkle effect. Allow to dry.
4. Glue on small shells or plastic sea animals like crabs. Display your sand footprints.

The original directions called for cutting out the sand footprints after dry and gluing them on a second piece of yellow construction paper. This gives added strength as the sand can be heavy on the paper and gives a more 3D effect. For time constraints and to save paper, I cut out this step with no problems.

This and hundreds of other simple and easy craft ideas are from the "Arts and Craft For All Seasons" series books for Preschool/Kindergarten and 1st through 3rd grade. The crafts are fun, simple, and easily adaptable. These books are a great resource and are a must have for any preschool-K or early elementary program.



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