Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sand Paper Sand Castle Craft

This is a neat idea to create a castle from sandpaper. Good after a lesson on the beach or medieval times.


large white sheet of construction paper or card stock
brown sandpaper(60-40 grit has a good, coarse, sandy look)
paper pennant on a toothpick
decorations like sea theme beads, stars, etc. (if desired)


On the smooth side of the sandpaper, draw simple geometric shapes to form your castle.
Cut out shapes (cutting sandpaper is difficult for kids and hard on scissors)
Glue shapes onto white paper into a sandcastle shape. Tape the pennant on the top.
Decorate or draw on details for a beach scene with seagulls, crabs, etc. or a medieval scene with a knight dragon and princess.

After I made this, I had the idea to fold the sandpaper into shapes and make a 3D, stand-up castle. Let your imagination go.


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