Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Polar Bear Cup puppet Craft

This is an adorable  and easy polar bear puppet craft you can make from a Styrofoam cup and some paper. The paper pieces don't have to be exact circles. It's probable better if they're not. A little oblong or diamond shaped is ok.


  • 1 large Styrofoam cup
  • 1 large paper circle(head)
  • 2 tiny white circles(ears)
  • 1 medium Styrofoam circle(nose and mouth piece)
  • 1 small black circle(nose)
  • 2 curved rectangle shapes(arms)
  • 2 google eyes
  • black marker
  • glue
  • scissors


  1. Glue the ears, nose and mouth pieces, and google eyes on the head circle as shown.
  2. Draw a mouth on the Styrofoam piece.
  3. Glue the head to the front of the Styrofoam cup.
  4. Glue the arm pieces on the sides, sticking out. Add claws if desired.


  1. I'm the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your polar bear project! You can see it here:


    If you have other kid friendly crafts, we'd love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!

    1. Because this craft is from twigglemagazine.com (see link above) we would appreciate if you would like to the original source. Thank you for your support.


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