Friday, February 10, 2012

Paper Volcano Craft

Here's a simple volcano to teach about geology or add to your dinosaur diorama. You can use construction paper, or big brown bulletin board paper like in the picture here. You could alternately use white paper and paint. You can also choose to paint it and/or put green moss for a covering of trees.


  • construction paper, brown bulletin board paper, or white drawing paper
  • newspaper
  • red and yellow craft tissue paper or crepe paper
  • red paint
  • cotton
  • stapler
  • glue
  • tape
  • scissors


  1. Cut 1 large circle and 1 more large semi circle or 3/4 circle from brown paper. The original directions called for a semi circle, but we found a 3/4 circle works better and makes a bigger volcano.
  2. Fold the 3/4 circle into a cone and staple to secure.  Don't forget to leave an opening a the top.
  3. Turn the cone upside down and fill with wadded up old newspaper to give shape to the volcano.
  4. Place the other circle on top and staple the edge shut. You might want to place tape over the staples for safety.
  5. Cut the tissue paper into strips. Twist on end, insert in the hole and glue in place. Put lines of glue on the side of the volcano and glue on more strips.
  6. Glue some cotton on top for smoke.
  7. Dribble red paint over the volcano for lava. If little drops of red paint get caught on the cotton, it drys and looks like lava boulders shooting out of the volcano in 3D. Cool.

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