Sunday, January 29, 2012

T-Rex Paper Plate Craft

Here's another idea to make a dinosaur from a paper plate, this time, a friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex, (T-Rex) Craft.


  • 1 paper plate(a green paper plate if you can find it, otherwise, paint it green.)
  • green and yellow construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • google eyes
  • marker


  1. Use a green paper plate, or paint one green.
  2. Trace the paper plate on yellow construction paper and cut out.
  3. Cut the yellow circle in half on a curve to make the the T-Rex's underbelly.
  4. Cut out other scale shapes from yellow paper.
  5. Draw and cut out a head, tail, and 2 legs and arms from green paper like the ones shown.
  6. Glue the yellow belly piece and scales on the top of the paper plate along the rim.
  7. Glue the head, tail, and 1 arm an leg on the back of the paper plate.
  8. Glue the other arm and leg on the belly
  9. Add eyes and draw a face. Add scales to the tail. Draw toes on the feet.

If this craft is done well, it can also serve as a pocket to hold papers, stickers or cards.You could also change the head design to a more familiar profile position.

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