Friday, February 17, 2012

Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft

You can use fingerprints to make various kinds of fall tree crafts.


  • colorful fall paints
  • fingers
  • trunks

  1. Prepare your trunk. Then put colorful fingerprints all over to make a fall tree.
  2. Here are some trunk ideas:

  1. Use a hand and arm print, with paint or colored in with crayons.
  2. Draw a trunk, thick or thin.
  3. Print fingerprints onto card stock, cut out and insert in the top of a toilet paper roll with a couple of slits


  1. what kind of paint do you use? do you have painting rules for your kids?

  2. With my kids we generally use water based tempura paints that are non-toxic and don't stain. We always put on smocks before painting. You can use oil based acrylic paints, but you have to wash their hands immediately and those will stain clothes.


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