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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4th of July Coffee Filter Fireworks Flower Craft

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These 4th of July coffee filter fireworks can be made into a bouquet and a centerpiece for your next Independence Day party.


  • basket coffee filters(2 for each flower)
  • red, white, blue, gold, and silver pipe cleaners
  • red and blue water color paint, brushes
  • scissors
  • paper plate
  • paper towels


  1. Flatten out a coffee filter on a paper plate.
  2. Brush on red and blue water colors, leave some white places between.
  3. Put on a paper towel and allow to dry. repeat with a second coffee filter.
  4. Cut strips in the coffee filters, leaving the center intact.
  5. Take a pipe cleaner and cut off about 1.5 inches. Save the small piece for later.
  6. Poke the long pipe cleaner through the center of both coffee filters. About 2 inches should poke through.
  7. Turn upside down and twist the small pipe cleaner around the bottom of the filters to secure them in place.
  8. Spread the strips out as you like.
 Source: Crafts by Amanda

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