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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Father's Day Daddy Sign Craft

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Here's a pretty Father's Day sign craft that will bring a big smile to Daddy's face. Kids need a lot of help from an adult for this craft.


  • 2 large sheets of card stock
  • various kinds of colorful paper, fabric, or old crafts
  • exacto knife or craft knife
  • cutting pad
  • masking tape
  • glue


  1. Print out the Word "Daddy" in big block letters. If you can print out onto card stock, that's great. If not, carefully cut out letters. Then use a ruler or straight edge and trace them onto the card stock in a straight line.
  2. Lay the card stock on your cutting surface and use a sharp knife to carefully cut out the letters. Cut on the outside of the line to leave no lines on the paper.
  3. Collect scraps of colorful patterned paper like origami paper, old crafts or fabric. Choose a different design for each letter.
  4. Turn the card stock paper over. Cut each piece of colorful paper to fit behind each letter. Tape in place masking tape.
  5. Cover the back with one more, slightly smaller sheet of card stock like a sandwich. Tap or glue in place.
  6. Present your sign to Daddy.

You could do the same thing for Grandpa, too.

Source: Lovely Design

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