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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sun Fingerpainting Space Craft

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This Sun fingerpainting space craft looks absolutely fabulous. The example is a brilliant sun but you could use the same concept with different colors to make the other planets. Let your imagination go. This craft is cool because each students creation is unique.


  • white construction paper or card stock
  • red, orange, and yellow paint
  • large sheet of black construction paper
  • plastic wrap
  • Q-tips
  • newspaper


  1. Cut a large circle from construction paper or card stock
  2. Lay down old newspaper. Put the circle on the newspaper and put some dabs of red, orange, and yellow paint.
  3. Cover the circles with plastic wrap. Kids squish and push the paint around with their fingers.
  4. Spread a little glue in the center of the black paper to help the sun stick beter.
  5. Remove the plastic wrap and place the circle on the black paper.
  6. Dip Q-tips in paint and paint the sun rays or solar flares. Allow to dry.



Source: Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas

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