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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rain Stick Music Craft 2

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Making a Native American rain stick craft is a great musical idea. It 's not only fun, but helps teach kids about other cultures. Authentic rain sticks have little spines inside that slow and change the sound of the beans as they fall down. The basic construction of a kids rain stick is the same, using a paper towel roll or other cardboard tube, but I'm offering a few different variations. The difference is what you put on the inside. You can choose the one that is best for you.

Variation 2:

This rain stick is really original idea and is much easier alternative to placing toothpicks inside. Use a spiral of aluminum foil to affect the sound of the falling beans.


  • paper towel roll or cardboard tube
  • colorful tissue paper
  • aluminum foil
  • dowel rod
  • wax paper
  • dry beans, rice, or corn
  • glue
  • rubber bands
  • scissors


  1. Take a long piece of aluminum foil and roll it into a long tube.
  2. Wrap the aluminum foil tube around a dowel rod to make a spiral shape and remove from the rod.
  3. Add a little glue around one end of the paper towel roll and wrap a square of wax paper around the end and secure with a rubber band.
  4. Cut to length and put the spiral inside the paper towel roll.
  5. Place dry beans inside the tube.
  6. Wrap and secure the other end.
  7. Cut tissue paper into squares.
  8. Spread glue around the tube and stick the squares all over, cover completely.
  9. Tie a little tissue twine around each end.
  10. Turn your stick and bring the rain
Source: Craft Jr.

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