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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hallowen Haunted House Treat Bag Craft

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This is a cute Halloween craft idea from Japan. Use recycled milk cartons to make little haunted house treat bags.

  1. Cut the milk carton about halfway down.
  2. Cut the sides in a upside down "V" shape so it looks like a house.
  3. Cover in black and orange tape or paper.
  4. Cut 2 strips from milk carton and and cover in black paper. Attach to the sides with tape or a stapler. These will become the handle.
  5. Cut a black rectangle for the roof. Make 2 slits and put on top through the strips.
  6. Tape the 2 strips at the top to form the handle.
  7. Decorate your roof and house with cute Halloween characters or vocabulary.
  8. Lift the roof to fill with candy.

Nishigako Kids

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