Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paper Cup Chinese Dragon Craft

Here are a couple of versions of a paper cup Chinese Dragon craft.

  • paper cups
  • string
  • sharp pencil
  • scissors
  • toilet paper rolls
  • decorating materials(pipe cleaners, Styrofoam balls, colorful paper, etc.)
  • glue


  1. Poke a hole in the bottom of all the cups with a sharp pencil.
  2. Cut the toilet rolls into short rings.
  3. Tie a big knot in a string and thread onto a paper cup so the knot is on the inside.
  4. Thread on a toilet roll ring, then another cup. The toilet roll rings allow a little space between the cups so they can move.
  5. Continue this process until your dragon is long enough.
  6. For the head, you can just decorate the last cup or cut 2 "V" shapes on either side of a cup and thread on the opposite way to make a mouth.
  7. Decorate your dragon; add colorful paper, pipe cleaner horns, eyes etc.

Go here for a PDF tutorial

Adding the toilet roll rings adds weight to the dragon. Another alternative is punch holes on either sides and attach the cups with brass fasteners/butterfly clips.

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