Friday, August 10, 2012

Plastic Bottle Air Cannon Toy Craft

Here's a fun and easy science craft. Make an air cannon from a plastic drink bottle and a balloon. This craft comes from a Japanese site. You can shoot down paper targets. Visit the site for a full picture tutorial.


  • 350 ml, 12 oz. plastic drink bottle
  • duct tape or carpet tape
  • scissors
  • an exacto knife or box cutter
  • a balloon


  1. Make a starter slit in the plastic bottle about an inch from the bottom.
  2. Now use scissors to cut the bottom off the bottle. Be careful there are no jagged edges.
  3. Cut  the balloon about 1 to 2 inches from the opening.
  4. Stretch the balloon to completely cover the bottom of the bottle. This is the diaphragm of the air cannon.
  5. Use duct tape to secure the balloon to the bottle.
  6. Pull back on the end of the balloon and let go to fire the air cannon.
You ca get fancy by ttaching the bottle to a cardboard tube for a handle and make a gun. Don't forget to decorate.

Pet bottle air cannon

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