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Monday, September 10, 2012

Jumping Frog Clapper Toy Craft

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This is a cute craft to my 2nd grade daughter made at her Japanese elementary school. It's a jumping frog clapper toy made from a recycled milk carton. It's a common toy for elementary school in Japan. It's fun and easy to make. Thanks Hana for helping me with this.
  • milk carton
  • scissors
  • tape
  • 2 rubber bands
  • markers to decorate
1. Cut open the milk carton and lay it flat like this. 
 2. Cut off the top flap and the bottom square and discard. You are left with 4 panels. Cut these in half as shown so you have a 2 sets, each with 2 panels. You can make 2 clappers from these.
 3. Take one, 2 panel set and fold in half lengthwise along the crease. Tape the opposite side shut.
 4. Now fold in half.
 5. Now, cut in half along the fold you just made. Tape the 2 halves back together, with just a tiny gap between. This makes for a better clap sound.
 6. Fold together and cut a pair of "v" shaped notches on either side like this.
 7. Wrap 2 rubber bands around one side in the notches, twist once and wrap around the other side.
 8. If you open it flat, it looks like this.
 9. Fold it over and hold down with your finger. Let go, and it will jump up and snap together. Another way, it to fold it closed and then throw into the air and it makes  loud clapping sound. Sory, it's nearly imposible to take a picture in action.  Afterward, you can decorate with markers or stickers how you like. See whose can make the loudest clap or jump the highest.

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