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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kids Father's Day Gifts-Guest Post by Tiffany Faming

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it is time to think about gifts to give your dad to show how much you love him. Often the gifts you think about giving him cost money, and when you are young, it can be difficult to earn the money to spend on a really nice Father’s Day gift. These are ideas that kids can make themselves to give to their fathers.

 Personalized Picture Frame

 A personalized picture frame is a great Father’s Day gift. It is something he can take to work to show off to his coworkers. It is easily portable, and a fairly easy project to complete. You can make it be cutting out pictures of you and your father together, words that describe your father and also pictures of his favorite things.  When you choose a picture frame to decorate, you will want a frame with a wide border between one or two inches. Then spread a thin layer of decoupage on the frame and arrange the things you have cut out on top of it. When you are finished, you will need to put another coat or two of decoupage on it. Once it is dry put your favorite photo of you and your dad together in it.

Snack/Dessert of Month Club

 This is gift that your dad can enjoy throughout the year. A homemade snack or dessert club means that each month you will take the time to bake him a new dessert or make his favorite snack. In order to give him this gift, you should bake a dessert or make a snack for Father’s Day. You should also decorate a canister or a plastic storage container with things like World’s Greatest Dad or Dessert Club. You can use markers or make a collage on the canister. Then make a card explaining what you are giving him. Each month throughout the year, you will fill back up the container with his favorite snacks or dessert.

 Reasons I Love You Jar

 This is a fun, and easy gift to make. It can also be made by your brothers and sisters. You will need an old mason jar or jelly jar. You can decorate this is decoupage, or foam stickers and put pictures of your dad and you together on it. Then you will need to write down reasons you love and appreciate your dad on slips of paper and fill it up. This may take some time, so you should start working on it right away. When you give it to your dad, he can pull out the papers one at a time to find out why he is such a good day.


 Another great idea for younger children to make is a coupon book. Cut squares of paper out and write down chores and things that you are willing to do for your dad in it. You may put down things like weeding the garden without complaining or doing the dishes an extra night. Make a nice cover for the coupon book and give it to your dad on Father’s Day.

Picnic Lunch

Instead of serving your dad breakfast in bed this year, let him sleep in. While he is sleeping, pack a picnic lunch for the family to enjoy at a favorite park or on a hike. Be sure to include your dad’s favorite foods, and when he gets up go out and spend the day with him.  This shows your dad that you love him, and is a great alternative to breakfast in bed.

Author bio: Tiffany Faming, a passionate writer and English teacher. She loves to write on family, custom gifts, home decoration and gardening. 

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