Friday, September 23, 2011

Easy Paper Plate Sunflower Craft

 Summer brings all kind of beautiful flowers, but none catches the essence of summer more than the sunflower, especially if you're from Kansas, the Sunflower State, like me. Here's an easy sunflower craft to do with your kids.


  • 1 paper plate
  • 1 or more leaf cut-outs from green construction paper
  • yellow and brown tempura paints
  • Glue


  1. Have the kids dip the side of their pinky finger in yellow paint and make marks all around the edge of the paper plate to make the petals.
  2. Dip one finger in brown paint and make dots in the center to make the seeds, let dry.
  3. Glue one or more leaf cut-outs on the back of the paper plate. You're done. Have a great summer.

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