Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Big Green Monster" Paper Craft

This is a fun craft as a follow up activity to accompany the popular book "Go Away Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberley.
If you have a copy of the book, this craft is easy. The book shows a green monster face that slowly appears and then disappears. The pages have the holes in them that makes the perfect stencil template. Depending on the age and abilities of your children, you may want to cut out all the pieces yourself beforehand.


  • Copy of the book "Go Away Big Green Monster"
  • green, blue, purple, red, white, and yellow construction paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • sheet of black construction paper
  • glue


  1.  For each part of the face, use the pages in the book to trace over each color of construction paper.
  2. Cut out all the pieces of the face. head, mouth, teeth, nose, ear, eyes, and hair.
  3. Glue on all the pieces to assemble the face on a piece of black construction paper.


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