Sunday, December 11, 2011

Acorn Tops Toy Craft

This idea cam from my daughter's first grade elementary school textbook in Japan. All Japanese students make these.


  • acorns
  • toothpicks
  • hard rough surface
  • sharp tool like to punch holes in leather
  • modeling clay


  1. Holding the acorn tightly, scrape the top against a hard rough surface like concrete or pavement. File off the top layer of the acorn to reveal the nut.
  2. Stick the acorn into a hick, hard piece of clay for a base.
  3. Using a very sharp tool for making holes, make a small hole into the top of the acorn WARNING: This is a very dangerous tool! You may have only the teacher do this step.
  4. Break a toothpick in half and insert it into the top of the acorn to make the top handle.
  5. Spin your acorn top.

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