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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Box Robot Recycle Craft

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recycled aliens full Recycled Crafts: Make Aliens & Monsters from Carboard Boxes

This is a simple way to make a cool robot from old boxes. It encourages creativity and recycling, too.


  • paper boxes of all shapes and sizes.
  • large square of cardboard
  • glue, markers, and any other recycled decorating materials


  1. Long before craft day, send a note home with students to bring in as many boxes as they can; cereal boxes, snack boxes, film boxes, tissue boxes, soap boxes, crayon boxes, milk cartons, etc.
  2. Give each student a large piece of cardboard as a background.
  3. Students choose and arrange the boxes into a robot or other design. Then glue against the background. It their creation can stand up, that's fine, too.
  4. Decorate and add details to your robots.

1 comment:

  1. Another way to make use of old newspapers as well as moving boxes cheap instead of just throwing them in the bin - good idea! As young as they are, we can help them enrich their creativity in finding various ways to make use of various items to minimize wastage most especially with paper products.


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