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Monday, January 16, 2012

Eggshell Collage Craft

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This is a really colorful craft idea for a collage using dyed eggshells. It's also a  good way to recycle all those eggs. It'd be a good idea to make the dyed eggshells far in advance and keep a stock of them on hand for various crafts.


  • egg shells
  • Easter egg dyes or food coloring
  • vinegar or lemon juice
  • cups
  • paper
  • glue


Colored Eggshells

  1. Rinse and allow egg shells to dry after cooking. Be sure to remove the inner membrane.
  2. Put into a ziplock bag and break into small pieces. Don't pulverize them.
  3. Place water and food coloring into small cups. Pour in the eggshells. Adding a little vinegar or lemon juice will create a stronger color. Remove and allow to dry. Separate your various colors.

Collage Craft

  1. Draw a design on paper with glue.
  2. Cover with eggshells and pour off the excess.


Draw a design with crayons and put glue on the inside decorate.

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