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Monday, January 16, 2012

Easter Eggs String Craft

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Here's a great idea to create colorful Easter egg shapes that are light as a feather using string and fabric starch.


  • balloons
  • various colored embroidery floss or cotton yarn
  • fabric stiffener(fabric starch)
  • scissors
  • pin
  • string


  1. Blow up a balloon until only 6 inches long or less. Be sure it is egg shaped.
  2. Cut the yarn into 1 to 2 foot lengths. Put the fabric stiffener into a small cup and dip your yarn thoroughly before wrapping.
  3. Wrap the yarn around the balloon. You should still see the balloon. Allow to dry overnight.
  4. Pop the balloon with a pin and carefully remove the balloon.
  5. Display your string eggs.


There are various ways of applying the fabric stiffener. You could dip the yarn in a cup as above, you could put the stiffener in a shallow tray and roll the balloons around, or you could use a spray can type. Put on 3 or four coats.

For display, you could hang them from strings, or on an egg tree. You could place them in small baskets, too. Or you can cut a hole in the side and fill with grass and a small toy as shown. Have fun.

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