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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easter Chick Standing Felt Craft

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Here's an adorable felt chick craft standing on pipe cleaner legs. Perfect for your Easter party tabletop display.


  • 2 big yellow felt ovals about 4.5 in diameter for the body(template available from the website)
  • 1 small yellow felt oval about 2.5 inches in diameter for the wing
  • 1 small orange felt triangle for the beak
  • 1 orange pipe cleaner, 7 inches long for the legs
  • 2 orange pipe cleaner pieces, 2 inches long for the toes.
  • 2 google eye
  • glue
  • 1 small yellow feather(optional)


For the legs:
  1. Bend a 7 inch orange pipe cleaner in half and twist at the top into a wishbone shape.
  2. Twist  a 2 inch long orange pipe cleaner around each end to make the toes.

  1. Glue the legs and the orange triangle beak to 1 yellow felt oval.
  2. Glue the other felt oval on top to make a sandwich.
  3. Glue the small yellow felt oval on top for the wing. Don't glue down completely, leave a flap sticking up.
  4. Glue on a google eye on each side of the head.
  5. Glue a small piece of yellow feather at the top of the head or between the felt ovals(optional)
  6. Prop up your Easter felt chick and adjust the legs to stand on its own.

The template is available at the original Disney's website.

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