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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easter Spring Lamb Clothespin Craft

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Here's a cute Easter lamb craft using Q-tips and clothespins. It's great for a card holder at your next Easter or sprng party. This takes some manual dexterity and is better for older kids.


  • 1 oval from card stock, about 4 inches long for the body
  • 1 small oval from card stock, about 1.5 inches long for the head
  • lots of Q-tips(cotton swabs)
  • 2 clothespins
  • tiny ribbon
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil


  1. Beforehand, cut th tips off Q-tips about 2 inches long.
  2. Put glue all over the boy piece and starting from the back, arange the Q-tips in a pattern as shown. Add more glue on the ends of each  layer as you go along. Leave a space at the end for the head.
  3. Draw a face on the small oval.
  4. Glue Q-tips and ribbon on the head as shown.
  5. Glue the head on the body. Allow everything to dry.
  6. Glue 2 clothespins on the back for legs.

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