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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easter Egg Bee Craft

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Here's a cute idea to turn an ordinary egg into a flying bee decoraion for Easter.


  • raw egg
  • push pin
  • bowl
  • newsapaper
  • bottle cap
  • black, yellow, and red paint
  • tissue
  • glue
  • fishing line
  • needle

  1. First, blow out your egg; poke a small hole in each end with a pushpin, hold over a bowl, and blow out the raw egg. Wash and allow to dry.
  2. Cover work surface with newspper. Paint your egg completely yellow. Place on a bottle cap to dry.
  3. Paint 2 thick, black stripes. Allow to dry.
  4. Using a toothpick, paint on a face, you might also use small google eyes.
  5. Cut a small oval from tissue paper, pinch in the middle, and glue on to your bee.
  6. Thread fishing line through a needle and push through the egg.
  7. Hang up your bee using both ends of the fishing line.
Original idea from Disney's Family Fun

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