Saturday, April 28, 2012

Native American Tipi (Teepee) Craft

This is a great and really simple Native American teepee craft idea. Great for a scout craft or learning about Native Americans.


  • brown construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • decorating materials
  • 3 short sticks or kebab skewers
  • rubber band

  1. Cut a large half circle from brown construction paper.
  2. Fold into a cone with a small opening at the top and tape in place.(You could also crumple up the paper and spread it out again to give it a more realistic look)
  3. Decorate the outside  of the teepee. You could just color or put on animal or Native American motifs stamps or shapes cut from paper. Alternatively, test the cone shape and decorate before taping.
  4. Put 3 sticks or skewers together and tie together about 3 inches from the top with a rubber band. It should for a tripod and stand on its own.
  5. Place the cone over the top of the tripod and tape to the inside of the cone.
  6. Cut a slit from the bottom and old back to make a door.
  7. Play with other animal or Native American toys.
Source: Muses of Megret

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