Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winter Igloo Paper Bowl Craft

Here's an authentic looking igloo craft from a paper bowl and decorated with puffy paint and packing peanuts. This is a great craft for a winter unit or learning about Native Americans.

  • large paper or Styrofoam bowl
  • toilet paper roll
  • old cereal box
  • puffy paint(white glue x shaving cream)
  • scissors
  • packing peanuts


  1. Cut out the back of a cereal box to serve as the base.
  2. Cut the toilet roll in half lengthwise to make the arch like opening of the igloo.
  3. Cut a hole on the side of the paper bowl, insert the toilet roll and tape in place.
  4. Make puffy paint by mixing equal parts white glue and shaving cream in a bowl.
  5. Spread puffy paint all over the cereal box base.
  6. Set the paper bowl igloo on the base.
  7. Spread puffy paint all over the outside of the igloo.
  8. Attach packing peanuts all over the outside of the igloo.
  9. If desired, place an Eskimo or arctic animal to in your diorama and allow to dry.

Source: Craftyshops

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