Monday, April 16, 2012

Paper Bag Owl Craft

Here's a cute owl craft made from a paper bag. You can use it for a gift bag or simple stuff him and display.


  • brown paper bag
  • tape
  • scissors
  • gold foil paper
  • white, black, and brown paper


  1. Cut about 4 inches off the top of three sides of the paper bag, leaving a triangular flap on 1 side.
  2. Make little snips with scissors to make a feathered surface on the front or simple cut an oval from yellow paper and glue on.
  3. Tape the corners in on the bottom of the bag to create a rounded bottom.
  4. Cut simple wing shapes from brown or scrap paper bag and glue on the sides.
  5. Cut out big circles from gold foil paper. Fold circles in half and then fold into many small segments. Unfold.
  6. Cut out 2 medium sized white circles and 2 small black circles. Glue the black on white, then the white on the gold circles.
  7. Glue eyes to the front flap.
  8. Cut out a triangular beak from brown paper and glue to the tip of the flap. Fold down the flap and pinch the corners for ears.
  9. Fill your owl with tissue paper. Use as a gift bag if desired. 

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