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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Father's Day Sponge Art Card Craft

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Here's a great Father's Day sponge art card craft idea.


  • card stock
  • vinyl letters, letter stickers, or block letters cut from card stock
  • rainbow color paints
  • sponged or fingers


  1. Fold a sheet of white card stock in half to make your card.
  2. Lightly adhere block letters to spell, "DAD". They could be vinyl, stickers, or card. They will be removed later.
  3. Dab a few colors onto the card and sponge the colors all around. Or use fingers. Be careful not to move the letters.
  4. Remove the letters an allow the card to dry. Write a Happy Father's Day message in the card.
Source: No Time for Flashcards

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