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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Father's Day Mouse Pad Craft

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Dad's are hard to shop for and even harder to make crafts for. They always say they have everything. How about something he can use everyday in front of the computer. This s a super idea to make a customized mouse pad for Father's Day. The picture here is a frog, but it's just an example. You could make anything you want; a ball shape, animal, anything Dad is into, just be sure its big enough for a real mouse pad. I've seen other ideas like just a big square with hand prints.


  • craft foam
  • scissors
  • markers
  • non slip pads, liner, or contact paper
  • imagination


  1. Decide beforehand on your design. Choose an appropriate color craft foam and have an adult help to trace and cut out your shape.
  2. Decorate with markers and put a message like "I love you, Dad", "#1 Dad", or "Happy Father's Day".
  3. Adhere some kind of non-slip liner or "feet" pads so it doesn't slide around his desk.
Source: Kids Craft Blog

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