Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jellyfish Summer Kids Craft

Bring some beach fun home with this cute jellyfish summer craft. This one reminds me of the funny aliens from the old Muppet Show. The kids will love it.


  • kitchen sponge(without the rough side)
  • yarn
  • 2 large google eyes
  • 1 large paper clip
  • Glue

  1.  Cut the sponge into a simple jellyfish shape
  2. Cut 5 strands of yarn about 20 inches long. Pull the strands apart slightly with your fingers to make them fuzzier.
  3. Unroll a big paperclip and form a "U" shape.
  4. Wrap the strands of yarn around the "U" and stick into the back of the sponge.
  5. Glue some google eyes on the front.
  6. Hang your jellyfish near a window, so his tentacles wave in the wind.

Source: Playful Crafts

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