Monday, July 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Here's a Thanksgiving Day Paper Bag Turkey Craft tat will add some humor to your turkey day. Use it as a table top decoration. Gobble Gobble.

  • brown paper lunch bag
  • old newspaper
  • rubber band
  • plastic spoon
  • google eyes
  • brown marker
  • orange, brown, and green felt scrap pieces
  • brown, green, yellow, red. and range crepe paper streamers or strips of painted paper
  • glue


  1. Stuff a brown paper bag until almost full. Tie with a rubber band.
  2. Color a plastic spoon brown with a marker.
  3. Cut pieces for the waddle, beak, feet, and bow tie from felt scraps. Glue onto the spoon and add google eyes.
  4. Stick the spoon into the bottom of the bag so it stands up as shown.
  5. Tie the top of the bag with strips of fall colored crepe paper. If you don't have crepe paper, paint strips of paper instread.
  6. Put your turkey as a centerpiece on the table. Happy Thanksgiving!

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