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Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer DIY Chalk Craft

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Kids Crafts-Keeping the Kids engaged during summer

Summer is here! And although some stores are already marketing back-to-school supplies (yuck), summer is still fresh on our minds. Everyone enjoys the downtime the summer months have to offer, but if your kids are anything like mine, they go stir crazy when they have nothing to do. My kids are still too young to attend sleep-away camp, so they attend a nature camp for two weeks in June, which means now that it’s July….they attend the Water’s household camp! We’ve been to every playground, park, museum, and sports game Georgia has to offer, so what now?

Crafts. There are an infinite amount of craft ideas that you and your children can brainstorm, but if you’re out of ideas, I have discovered a great one. My kids love to play with sidewalk chalk. They doodle, they write cute notes in the pavement, and they go nuts when I make chalk obstacle courses. The only problem: it gets expensive buying new packages of chalk every week. Have no fear; I have uncovered a wonderful way to make DIY chalk!

chalk via Rok Lipnik
What you will need:

·         Cardboard tubes from plastic/aluminum foil wrap
o   Can also use paper towels/ toilet paper tubes, but they are larger
·         Certified non-toxic paints (safe just in case the kids ingest—can never be too safe)
·         Plaster of Paris (can be found at Walmart or any supply store)
·         Scissors
·         Ziploc bags (used for piping)
·         Wax paper
·         Water
·         Masking Tape

What you do (per color/ 1 stick of chalk):

1.       Cut the tubes into segments as long as you want the chalk (I did 5-6 inch segments)
2.       Line the insides of the tubes with wax paper
3.       Tape the base of one end of the tube, sealing it
4.       Mix 2-3 tablespoons of paint with ½ cup of water.
5.       Add ¾ cup of plaster of Paris, then stir
6.       Spoon the ingredients into a ziploc & snip the end (as if you were piping a cake)
7.       Squeeze the mixture into the tube
8.       Keep tubes upright to dry for ~12 hours
9.       Unwrap the tubes and there you go! Home-made sidewalk paint!

This is the perfect crafts project for kids of all ages. Everything is safe, however be careful not to get the Plaster of Paris in the sink! I hope you and your children have a wonderful summer… Happy crafting!

About the writer: Beth Waters is a mother of two, blogger at, and freelance writer for medical companies such as Liberty Medical. She enjoys crafts projects, trying new recipes, and enjoying her family’s company.

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