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Monday, December 2, 2013

17 Fun Christmas Bento Box Recipe Ideas

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Put some holiday cheer into your kids bento lunches this season with these great Christmas bento ideas. Make colorful, creative, and nutritious lunches that will inspire you children. Ho Ho Ho!

1. Colonel Sanders Christmas Bento Box Recipe

2. Christmas Reindeer and Present Sandwich Bento Box

3. Christmas Tree and Wreath Bento Box Recipe

4. Christmas Totoro Bento Box Recipe

5. Christmas Reindeer Sandwich Bento Box Recipe

6. Easy Christmas Santa Bread Bento Box Recipe
Christmas santa bento box by Cute Food for Kids

7. Gingerbread Man Sandwich Bento Box Recipe
Christmas gingerbread sandwich by Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook

8. Cute Christmas Stockings Bento Box Recipe
Mini Santa Claus Christmas bento box by Bento Monsters

9. Easy Christmas Tree Sandwich Bento Box Recipe

10. Easy Christmas Tree Bento Box Recipe

11. Snowman and Presents Christmas Bento Box Recipe

12. Cute Snowman Christmas Bento Box Recipe

13. Santa's Elves Christmas Bento Box Recipe

14. Christmas Reindeer Bento Box Recipe

15. Santa and Reindeer Christmas Bento Box Recipe

16. Christmas Grinch Kabobs Recipe

17. Christmas Panda Bento Box Recipe

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