Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crafty Ideas to Declutter Your Home

It’s easy to fill up a home without realising it – buying new clothes and toys for the children, getting gifts, and piling up the shelves with books. But when it all gets a bit too much, it’s time to start making some space. No one likes throwing things away, but don’t worry – help is at hand. If you need to get rid of your clutter and have a crafty side, here are a few projects to help clean up your home.  


The kitchen is always quick to fill up with new foods and the latest gadgets, but there are ways to get a bit more counter space and make some fun new household objects in the process. Start with all those old jars that tend to pile up in the cupboard – these are usually waiting to be filled with home-made jam that never gets made. Fill them instead with some sand and then use a tea light to make romantic candles for inside the house or out. Other containers can come in handy as flowerpots – just put a few small holes in the bottom to let excess water flow out. A quick trip to your local art shop will get you the right kind of paints to decorate them in fun colors, too.

Living room

When it comes to tackling clutter in the lounge, it’s all about creating storage space. Here’s one handy trick: get a small cardboard box and some old hardback books you no longer want. Separate the book covers from the pages and stick them around the outside of the box, with the spines along a single edge. Now when you place the box onto the shelf it looks like old books – but is instead a handy little nook for all those odds and ends that get scattered around. Another clever little trick is to store up old carpet tiles. Cut them into little pieces and use them to create a mosaic on a firm backing. With no hassle at all, you've created your own unique bulletin board for reminders, notes, tickets, and cards.


CD CoastersNo one likes to sleep in an untidy room, and all that mess can cause unnecessary stress – so declutter with these useful tips. Firstly, root through the closet for all the shoes you still like, but have never quite found the right occasion to wear. Recycle them by adding some potpourri and putting them in interesting places throughout the house. The best thing about this idea is that you can still use them as shoes at a later date by just removing the contents – they’ll just smell great. You could also try getting rid of your old scratched CDs by covering them with brightly colored felt and using as drinks coasters. It’s a great way to avoid waste and those nasty watermarks at the same time. Finally, don’t be afraid to do your research – there are some great ideas to help you declutter your home online.

Now you know these tips, there’s no excuse for a messy home! Get creative and rework that junk into exciting new items for any room in the house.

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