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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stand-Up Toilet Roll Christmas Tree Craft

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Here's a great idea for a 3D Christmas tree made from recycled toilet rolls.


  • 3 toilet paper rolls
  • yellow paper scissors
  • green and red paint, paintbrushes
  • sparkly pipe cleaners
  • decorative pom poms
  • glue
  • push pin, sharp pencil
  • modeling clay
  • bamboo skewer


  1. Cut one toilet roll in half and the other a little less than half so you have a full toilet roll and two more gradually smaller pieces for the tree and one more piece for the pot.
  2. Paint the tree pieces green and the pot piece red and allow to dry.
  3. Cut a little bit off the pot piece to make it smaller.
  4. Use a push pin to start holes in the tree pieces and put them together with a bamboo skewer.
  5. Fill the red pot with modeling clay and push the bottom of the skewer into the clay so the tree stands up.
  6. Decorate the tree with pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc.
  7. Cut a big yellow star from yellow construction paper and glue on top. Display your stand-up tree.

Alternative: Simplify the craft; eliminate the skewer and modeling clay and glue your tree to a sheet of paper and hang up

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