Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Japanese Chopsticks Catapult Toy Craft


Here's a fun toy you can make from disposable chopsticks and rubber bands to launch an acorn or small ball or marble into a cup.


  • 2 sets of disposable chopsticks(the kind that are fused together)
  • 2 short lengths of a chopstick, cut and taped together
  • rubber bands
  • drink bottle cap
  • tape
  • ammunition(acorns, super balls, marbles)


  1. Using a box cutter, score and break off 2 short pieces from a chopstick(about 1 inch long). Tape together to make the fulcrum for the spring.
  2. Place 2 sets of disposable chopsticks on top of each other and tie the small ends with rubber bands and cover with tape.
  3. Place the fulcrum between them bout 2 inches from the end and tie several times with rubber bands.
  4. Tape a drink bottle lid near the big end of the chopsticks.
  5. Place an acorn in the lid, press down on the chopsticks and try to shoot the acorn into a cup.


  1. Nowadays, it is now better to teach our kid on how to use a chopstick that's why we need to make a chopstick training wheel where that can start practicing of using it, you can also set some chopstick challenges to enhance their skills.


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