Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drink Bottle Flower Stamp Craft

This is a great idea to use the bottom of plastic drink bottles and caps as stamps to make flowers.


  • white paper
  • paints of various colors, brushes, shallow dishes
  • old plastic drink bottles
  • drink bottle caps


  1. Put paint into shallow dishes. Dip the bottom of the  drink bottle into the paint and stamp onto white paper to make 5 sided flower shapes.
  2. Dip the top of a drink bottle cap into paint and stamp to make the center of the flower and maybe a sun.
  3. Use a brush or fingers and green paint to make the stem and leaves. Allow to dry.

I've used bottle caps before to make apples on an apple tree craft before. They make great, thick circles. But it takes a long time to dry.

Source: Lucky Me Blog

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