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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Native American Kachina Mask Craft

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This is a fabulous and easy Kachina doll mask craft. Kachinas are Native American Spirit messengers from the Hopi tribe of the Southwest. This mask was made from a cereal box.


  • old cereal box
  • toilet paper roll
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • exacto knife
  • glue
  • tape
  • hole punch
  • rubber bands


  1. Get a good book on Hopi Kachinas and think about what design you want.
  2. Cut out the back panel of an old cereal box. Turn inside out and tape in place.
  3. Decide on a pattern and cut out the eyes with an exacto knife.
  4. Cut and decorate the front of the mask.
  5. Trace the end of a toilet paper on the mask, cut out a hole, and insert and glue the toilet paper roll for a mouth.
  6. Accordion fold some construction paper into a fan and make a headdress. Tape to the top of the mask.
  7. Punch holes on the sides of the box and tie rubber bands for a strap.
  8. Dance with your Kachina mask.

Source: Relentessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

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