Friday, April 20, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Ring Flowers, Wreath

This is a great idea to recycle toilet paper rolls into flowers or wreaths. This is great for Earth Day, Christmas, or any time.


  • toilet paper rolls
  • scissors
  • glue or glue gun
  • ruler(optional)

  1. Flatten and cut out several toilet paper rolls into rings. Try to make all the rings the same width. Use a ruler if necessary.
  2. Glue several rings together to make a flower, At least 5 rings is good. The wreath pictured here used 10 per flower. A flue gun is faster, but I recommend white craft glue for kids.
  3. After making several flowers, glue together to make a wreath or other wall hanging.
  4. For added color paint the flowers. It's probably easier to paint the toilet paper rolls first before cutting the rings. 
Source: Creative Jewish Mom


  1. What a wonderful idea putting it on my pinterest board :)

    1. Thanks a lot Amy for the exposure. I love pintrest.


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