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Monday, March 3, 2014

27 Awesome Easter Chick Crafts for Kids

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Easter is just around the corner. Yeah, I know the Easter Bunny gets all the glory, but what about the Easter chick? Kids, parents, and teachers alike love Easter chick crafts. Here's a round-up of 27 awesome Easter crafts for kids or preschool. You'll find a wide variety of craft ideas to choose from, some with hand and footprints, some recycled, recipes, some from paper plates, some fuzzy, and all cute and adorable. Find the craft perfect for your kids or classroom. 

1. Cute Easter Chick Pinata Craft
Chick Pinata -     Kids will have a blast creating (and breaking) this adorable pinata. Made from newspaper strips soaked in a flour-and-water mixture, this Easter craft is safe and simple for kids to make. Let them fill it with their favorite candies.

2. Preschool Easter Chick Photo Craft

3. Fuzzy Easter Garland Chick Craft

4. Easy Easter Chick Egg Preschool Craft
Easter kids craft

5. Easter Chick Pom Pom Craft

6. Paper Loop Easter Animals Craft

7. Handprint Easter Chick  Preschool Craft
easter preschool craft

8. Fuzzy Easter Chick Craft

9. Tissue Paper Easter Chick Craft

10. Easter Chicks Nest and Song Activity
Let's Play Music: Easter Songs - 6 Brown Eggs in a Nest of Hay - Practicing counting & subtracting

11. Easter Chick Cheese Sandwich Recipe

12. Easter Chick Bath Sponge Craft

13. Easy Easter Chick Footprint Craft for Preschool

14. Easter Chick Hand Print Craft
Easter Chick Card

15. Sponge Painting Easter Chicks Craft
easter crafts for preschoolers sponge paint chicks

16. Fuzzy Easter Chick Craft Stick Activity

17. Preschool Easter Chick Handprint Craft


18. Cute Easter Chick Paper Craft
Easter Craft for Toddlers

19. Easter Chick and Bunny Goodies Cup Craft

20. Easter Chick Preschool Craft

21. Standing Felt Easter Chick Craft

22. Easter Finger Puppets Craft

23. Easter Duck Paper Plate Craft

24. Easter Duck Paper Bag Craft
Holiday Kids Crafts

25. Nutter Butter Easter Chick Cookies Recipe

26. Easter Egg Carton Chick Craft

27. Easter Chick in Egg Craft

Search this site for even more great Easter craft ideas.

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