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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Kaleidoscope Craft

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Here's a really simple recycled toilet roll kaleidoscope craft for kids. Actually it's not a proper kaleidoscope, nothing turns or needs a mirror. This is a perfect for Kindergarten or Elementary students. Te one pictured above was taped to the window, but you can just hold it up to the light.


  • toilet roll tube
  • colorful cellophane
  • non-sticky, reflective/holographic tape
  • colorful paper
  • decorative tape or paper
  • scotch tape
  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Cut a toilet roll tube into 1/4 sized rolls.
  2. Roll and glue holographic/reflective tape into very small loops or tear drop shapes. 
  3. Lay the 1/4 toilet roll on the table and fill with the reflective loops.
  4. Place small, irregular pieces of various colored cellophane over the top of the roll and tape everything in place with clear, scotch tape. Now, one end of the toilet roll is completely closed and looks like a small stained glass window and there are little reflective loops inside. 
  5. Turn over the toilet roll.
  6. Trace the toilet roll opening on wax paper and cut out with a little extra around the traced circle. 
  7. Place the wax paper over the open end of the roll and tape the sides down securely. 
  8. Now decorate the outside of the toilet roll with colorful adhesive tape, stickers, or paper .
  9. Hold the the kaleidoscope roll up to a light or window and look through the wax paper end. Roll with your fingers and see the swirls of various colors.

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