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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Recycled Cooking Oil Candle Craft

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Looking for a way to recycle all that cooking oil after dinner? Here's a simple and resourceful idea to make small candles from waste cooking oil. This is a good activity to do with the Easy Japanese Paper Lantern Craft.

WARNING: Fire Hazard!
This activity must be done under close adult supervision. Don't use candles inside. Do not leave candles burning unattended!


  • used cooking oil
  • old cloth or rag
  • container to catch filtered oil
  • oil coagulant (optional)
  • a paper clip
  • thick cotton string or wick
  • aluminum muffin tin or used tea light tin


  1. Use an old cloth or rag to filter impurities from used cooking oil. 
  2. Open a paper clip so it sits with end sticking up as shown above.
  3. Cut a length of wick or thick cotton cord and insert the open paper clip rod up inside the cord to make your wick stand. 
  4. Place the wick stand in an aluminum muffin tin or used tea light tin.
  5. Use an oil coagulant if desired. I often find used cooking oil will coagulate by itself.
  6. Pour some oil into the tin. 
  7. Light your oil candle.

Warning: The oil candle makes black smoke and smells like whatever you were cooking.

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