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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drinking Straw Star Ornament Craft

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These are such cute ornaments. What a great idea. These drinking straw ornament crafts are great for the 4th of July. They look like fireworks, or equally good to hang on the Christmas tree. Simple and easy to make.


  • 2 inch Styrofoam balls
  • 20 drinking straws
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • tray or scrap cardboard
  • small metal hook
  • ribbon

  1. Cut straws in to 1.5 inch long pieces.
  2. Pour glue onto a scrap tray or other surface.
  3. Dips straws into the glue and push into the Styrofoam ball about 1/8 inch deep. Space evenly about 1/2 inches apart. Trim straws as necessary.
  4. Tie ribbon in a loop and tie to the top of the metal hook.
  5. Dip the end of the hook into glue and stick firmly into the ball. Allow to dry.
  6. Hang up your fireworks for the 4th of July or hang as stars on the Christmas tree.

Source: Favecrafts

1 comment:

  1. This is a very adorable straw art. Thank you for sharing this. Awesome and perfect for the kids. We also did a Pipe Cleaner & Straw Preschool Jewelry Project out of the same materials you used. You should check this out! Pipe Cleaner & Straw Preschool Jewelry Project


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